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Spiralizer +Zucchini +Quinoa (Dinner Recipe)

Current Weight 174lbs.

Most people look at me and don't believe I'm 5'5" and weigh 174lbs. Whelp! I do! The thing is, I'm unhappy with that weight because prior to 2010 I was 150lbs for 10 whole years! So in the past 8 years, I've gained 24lbs. For some that may not seem like much, but to me it's a LOT! I can see and …

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You'll never be everyone's cup of tea-- but who cares? I drink CHAMPAGNE

For all the ladies that have ever heard.......she's too BOUGIE! She's too STUCK UP! She's too OUTSPOKEN! She's forgotten where she come from! 

Unfortunately, I must admit these are words and phrases I've heard quite often. They've become music to my ears! When I first heard these words, direct…

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How to Pick the right shade of concealer.

Dark under-eye circles, blue veins and red blemishes on your face. How do you dramatically transform your skin, while wiping those faults away? We know concealer can act like an eraser for the skin, but how do we pick the right shade? 

Well, to begin with you always want to pick a shade or two lig…

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Skin Care + Routine + Fenty Beauty + Clinique

Honestly, I’ve never suffered from any major problems with my skin, so I've never felt the need to carve time out my schedule for any special routine. Washing my face with soap and water was sufficient for me. Approximately two years ago, I started wearing makeup and voila! Out of nowhere came the…

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Sexy, Edgy-Chic, Look

Mocha Fuzzy Lightweight Crop Sweater

Hey glams! I'm actually in love with this outfit. I like to call it my sexy, edgy-chic look!  This fuzzy, cropped sweater reveals just the right amount of  shoulder to give off a shy sex appeal. Its fuzzy material is super soft against my skin and  is ligh…

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