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Skin Care + Routine + Fenty Beauty + Clinique

Honestly, I’ve never suffered from any major problems with my skin, so I've never felt the need to carve time out my schedule for any special routine. Washing my face with soap and water was sufficient for me. Approximately two years ago, I started wearing makeup and voila! Out of nowhere came the blemishes and acne. Since then, I realized I needed to quickly implement a routine if I wanted to continue on the path of healthy skin.


Lip Exfoliating: During the winter months, my lips tend to get SUPER dry and cracked. I hate this because not only do they look terrible, but my lipstick never applies right over them. I’ve found a neat and affordable trick to helping my lips stay smooth and sexy. EXFOLIATION! I apply buttercream antioxidant lip scrub by Indi Beauty to my lips, once a week. Prior to cleansing my face, I apply the scrub to my lips and allow it to sit for 1-2 minutes.

Cleansing: I  wet the brush of my skinvigorate cleansing brush by Mark Kay & apply a pump-full  of Clinique liquid facial soap.  I cleanse my face for approximately 1 minute., to include cleaning the lip scrub away as well. Once complete, I rinse the excess soap from my face with warm water.

Toning: Once my face dries, I take a round cotton pad and apply Clinique clarifying lotion 3 to my entire face. I have combination skin and this particular one works perfect for combination to oily skin.

Discover your skin type prior to picking a moisturizer!

I must be honest, I started my skin care routine thinking I had DRY skin. Taking this into consideration, I purchased many  products to accommodate it. However, after much research I realized I wasn't quiet sure of what type skin I have. So, there I was on a journey to discover my skin type, but how?!  I realized a way to find out was by using blotting paper and by coincidence, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line had just dropped. Of course! I could use her Invisimatte Blotting Papers!  The blotting papers are super simple to use and come in a very sleek container, designed with a mirror. 

To discover your skin type, simply dash your face with some cold water, dry your face with a towel. After drying your face with a towel, wait approximately 1 minute to ensure it's completely dry, then blot your face with the blotting paper.  If there's no oil on the paper, you have dry skin. Minimum oil, you can be considered combination skin, maximum oil-you have oily skin.


Moisturizing: After my toner dries, I immediately apply a GENEROUS amount of Clinique moisturizing gel to hydrate my skin.


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This is so true and very important for all of us to embrace.

This is a hard concept for most of us to grasp. Deep down inside we all want to be accepted by others but as you said, we won’t be everyone’s cup of tea nor will they be ours. And that’s okay! Good post.