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You'll never be everyone's cup of tea-- but who cares? I drink CHAMPAGNE

For all the ladies that have ever heard.......she's too BOUGIE! She's too STUCK UP! She's too OUTSPOKEN! She's forgotten where she come from! 

Unfortunately, I must admit these are words and phrases I've heard quite often. They've become music to my ears! When I first heard these words, directed at me, I will be the first to confess I was heart broken! How could someone say such hurtful things to me? What did I do to make them feel like this towards me? I would often think to myself, "only if they knew my struggle" I'm sure they would see me differently, better yet understand why I'm the way I am. Wow! In hindsight, I was trying to explain MYSELF to someone ELSE why I wasn't their cup of tea!  Boy did I have that wrong! I had to forgive myself!

Eventually I learned that whatever a person thought of me or how they viewed me, had nothing to do with me! It had everything to do with them. This is what I'm challenging all my readers to realize and understand. If you ever run across someone that speak those words to you, immediately dismiss them. I do mean, dismiss the person and the words! Your peace of mind depends on it! Don't ask why! Don't try to explain yourself or convince/show them anything different! Just get away from them!

Honestly I'm so grateful, thankful, blessed, whatever you want to call it. I'm all of the aforementioned because I realized how some people can really mean you absolutely no good. These people can come in a variety of forms: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, etc. Oh yeah! Don't think those harsh words only come from STRANGERS! 

Each time I read this quote I chuckle! I guess it's fitting so say, "but I drink Champagne now!" Some will get it, some won't. Again, that's not my concern. I get it! My BOUGIE-is now SOPHISTICATION! Me being STUCK Up-is now WISDOM! I know who's worthy of my company and presence. My OUTSPOKENNESS-is me being an EDUCATED woman! Oh yeah! My TEA has now turned to CHAMPAGNE!

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This is so true and very important for all of us to embrace.

This is a hard concept for most of us to grasp. Deep down inside we all want to be accepted by others but as you said, we won’t be everyone’s cup of tea nor will they be ours. And that’s okay! Good post.